Faculty Assignments

On Leave

Ari Blatt (Fall 2017 - Spring2018)

Department Chair and Program Directors (2017-2018)

  • Department Chair: Gary Ferguson
  • Director of Graduate Studies: Amy Ogden
  • Director of Undergraduate Studies: Cheryl Krueger
  • Language Program Director: Karen James
  • French House Director: Rachel Geer
  • Director, UVa Program in Rabat, Morocco; Provost's Office: Majida Bargach
  • Director of UVa Program in Lyon, France: Janet Horne
  • Assessment Coordinator: Jennifer Tsien
  • Chair of Summer Courses (2017): Cécile Rey
  • Director of Diversity Initiatives: Jennifer Tsien (Year 3/3)


Graduate Studies Committee

  • Amy Ogden (DGS)
  • Claire Lyu
  • Maya Boutaghou

Undergraduate Studies Committee

  • Cheryl Krueger (DUP Fall)
  • Gladys Saunders
  • Jennifer Tsien

Language Program Committee

  • Chair, Karen James
  • Cécile Rey

Maison Française Planning Committee

  • Rachel Geer (Chair)
  • Cheryl Krueger (DUP)
  • Kevin Petit, Maison Fracaise Activities Coordinator 

Course Planning Committee

  • Gary Ferguson (Chair)
  • Amy Ogden (DGS)
  • Cheryl Krueger (DUP)                          
  • Karen James (LPD)

Peer Evaluation Committee

  • Deborah McGrady, (Chair)
  • Alison Levine
  • Claire Lyu
  • Gary Ferguson (ex officio)

First-Year Advisors

  • Kandioura Drame (COLA Class)
  • Janet Horne (COLA Class)
  • Alison Levine (Advising)
  • John Lyons (COLA Class)
  • Deborah McGrady (COLA Class)
  • Gladys Saunders (COLA Class)

Faculty Senator: Kandioura Damé (Year 2/2)

Assignments of Individual Faculty

Ari Blatt:  On Leave

Maya Boutaghou: Graduate Studies Committee

Kandioura Dramé: COLA, Creole Coordinator, Faculty Senator (2 of a 2 year term)

Gary Ferguson: Chair, Levine Promotion Committee (ex officio)

Janet Horne: Director, European Studies M.A.,  COLA

Karen James: Language Program Director, Course Planning Committee

Cheryl Krueger: Director of Undergradate Studies (DUP), Course Planning Committee

Alison Levine: Undergraduate Advising, Peer Evaluation Committee

John Lyons: Levine Promotion Committee (Chair), COLA

Claire Lyu: Peer Evaluation Committee, Graduate Studies Committee

Deborah McGrady: Peer Evaluation Committee (Chair), COLA

Amy Ogden: Director of Graduate Studies, Course Planning Committee

Philippe Roger: Colleague-at-Large, Levine Promotion Committee

Gladys Saunders: COLA, Undergraduate Studies Committee

Jennifer Tsien:   Undergraduate Studies Committee, Director of Diversity Initiatives (3 of a 3 year term)