Patrick "Pat" O'Keefe

Graduate Student


In spite of heralding from old Richmond Va., I had loved traveling and foreign language since I was very young. I happened upon French in high school as an elective, and du coup I was immediately enamoured it and ended up spending a few months in Épernay for an exchange program. A few years, some more schooling, and a stint or two studying across the pond, I’m continuing my pursuit of mastery in the French Language.  


James Madison University: Modern Foreign Languages--French (BA), International Business (BBA) (2012-2016)

Universteit Antwerpen: European Union Business and Policy, Antwerp, Belgium (2014)

Paris IV: French literature (Summer 2014)

Research Interests

Literature and Cinema of the Occupation of France and the “nouvelle politique” of Vichy

General topics in 19th century French literature

Absurdism, existentialism of the mid-20th century

Nautical literature


 Speaker Middle Atlantic Regional Conference for Undergraduate Studies (MARCUS)  to present a paper on the perceived savagery of Carmen’s femininity in Mérimée’s Carmen

Publications and Other Scholarly Activity

“Crise d’identité: La France sous nuit et brouillard de l’Occupation nazie, 1940-1945” (2016, JMU)