Mary C Aloia

Doctoral Student


  • Master of Arts, University of Notre Dame
  • French and Francophone Studies

Research Interests

  • Literary responses to trauma and violence
  • Identity and alterity
  • Intersection of the visual and the verbal (cinema/non-fiction film and literature)

Publications and Other Scholarly Activity

  • Conference Presentations:

  • Rethinking Metaphor for Millennials, presented at the Advances in Metaphor Studies Conference at the University of Genoa (Metaphor: Retrospect and Prospects), Summer 2016.
  • Grant Activity:

  • Overseas research funded by the Nanovic Institute for European Studies:Spring 2016: Economic Morality in the Ancien Regime in France: the Fable as Social Commentary Summer 2016: The Aesthetics of Identity: Apollinaire in Wartime