UVA French Placement (F-CAPE) Exam

The F-CAPE is a computerized, multiple-choice exam. It tests grammar, vocabulary, and reading comprehension; there are no listening or speaking components.

The online French Placement Test (F-CAPE exam) is used to determine a student's appropriate placement in a French course at UVA.  A student may earn exemption from the College's foreign language competency requirement by placing beyond the French 2020 level on the exam. For those students who do not place beyond 2020 (the fourth-semester, intermediate course), the exam indicates the appropriate level at which to continue studying French at UVA in order to satisfy the language requirement or to prepare for more advanced study of the language.

Who Should Take the Placement Test?

  • Entering first-year students who have studied French in high school, but who have not taken the SAT II French exam, should take the online French Placement Test (also called the F-CAPE exam) before summer orientation.  See the link to instructions below. (If you have taken the SAT II in French, you will not need to take the Placement Test.  You may take the Placement Test, however, if you came very close to testing out of the requirement with the SAT II and want a second chance at doing so.)
  • Entering students who have taken the AP exam in French, but who will not receive their AP scores until after summer registration, should go ahead and take the online Placement Test to get a general idea of the appropriate placement before registering for fall classes.  We will always use the higher of two exam scores if the results indicate different levels of placement in French.
  • The Placement Test (F-CAPE exam) is intended for entering students and may only be taken once.  The test may occasionally be useful for current students who have not had French for many years or who already have a placement score, but from a test taken several years ago.
  • Transfer students:  If you receive transfer credit for elementary or intermediate-level French courses taken at another institution before you matriculate to the university, you should continue with the next level of French here.  If you received transfer credit for the equivalent of French 2020, then you have satisfied the College’s foreign language requirement. (The next course in sequence is either French 2320 or 3031.)  If you did not receive transfer credit for your previous French study, you should take the online Placement Test (F-CAPE exam).  You may also wish to refer to the Arts and Sciences website for information about transfer credits: http://college.artsandsciences.virginia.edu/transfer .

Once you have your F-CAPE score, please review the French Course Placement information carefully. 

Where and When is the F-CAPE Exam Administered?

Please take the test online before your summer orientation session.  (See instructions below.)

Instructions for Taking the F-CAPE Exam

Please note:

  • You may take this exam only once.
  • Be sure to print the score confirmation page at the end of the exam. (Take the printed score page to your summer orientation and to class on the first day of the semester.)

Please read all information on this page before taking this exam.

Follow these steps:

  1. Go to the Online Placement Exam at the following URL - http://webcape.byuhtrsc.org/?acct=virginia
  2. Type in the exam password: cavaliers1
  3. Disable any pop-up blockers you may have activated.  You will need to consult your individual Internet browser, or any other additional software that provides pop-up blocking, in order to do this.  Usually, there are directions in the Help menu of relevant software programs.
  4. Click on the language you want to take (French).
  5. Fill out the information page.  Please include your first and last names only in the name fields.
  6. Your UVa computing user ID (i.e., cab9z) and your e-mail address are required.  You must include your UVa Computing User ID or your score will not be recorded.
  7. Take the test.  You may take the test only once.  If you feel there are extenuating circumstances that warrant retaking the test, you must contact the Language Program Director ( ksj7c@virginia.edu for permission to do so.  Retaking the test without permission may be considered an honor violation.

Submission of the exam in your name means that the score honestly reflects your current language abilities without assistance from other people or with any materials.

  1. When your score comes up, you must wait for the official score report to pop up.  PRINT THIS PAGE!  YOU WILL NEED A HARD COPY OF YOUR SCORE TO PRESENT TO YOUR INSTRUCTOR THE FIRST DAY OF CLASS.  KEEPING THIS RECORD IS YOUR RESPONSIBILITY.  New first-year students may also need the hard copy of the score for registration during the summer orientation period. 
  2. If you have fulfilled the FL requirement with a score of 477 or higher, the French Department will forward this information to the Registrar.  Please remember to save a printout and an electronic copy of your score.

If you do experience technical difficulties, please note the following:

Placement Test: Technical FAQs

Occasionally F-CAPE does not work. Before you contact anyone, please go through the following steps to troubleshoot your problem. Most of the problems with F-CAPE are due to user error; if they are a result of problems with the developer at Brigham Young University where F-CAPE is supported, they are usually short-lived. Thus we recommend that if you have problems, you try again a few hours later or the next day.

In the meantime, here are some commonly asked technical questions:

What if my browser won't open F-CAPE?

This means that there is something wrong with your browser software. For help with such problems, you can call the UVA Help Desk at 434-924-3731.

What if my browser will open, but I get an error message saying "Server Not Found" or "Page Not Found" when I try to click on the link for F-CAPE?

This means that either the server, which is managed by Brigham Young University, is not working, or that you have a problem with your modem, wireless, or Internet connection. Double check that you have not gotten inadvertently logged off while working, and try to reconnect to F-CAPE. If this does not work, that means the server for F-CAPE is not working. Please send an email to the following address to let them know: Chuck_Bush@byu.edu. You will then have to wait until later to try again.

What if I can open the F-CAPE page, but it won't accept the user ID and password?

Make sure that you don't have any spaces in both user ID and password and that capital and smaller case letters match what is given to you on the information sheet for how to log into F-CAPE.

What if I have a problem interpreting my score or with the language content in the test?

Check the French Course Placement information on this website: http://french.virginia.edu/undergraduate/elemintermed/placement. If you cannot find an answer to your question regarding placement in French courses, please contact the Language Program Director in French, Karen James, at ksj7c@virginia.edu.  Please indicate your test results in your message.