Chery Krueger Presents at the Roundtable on Foreign Language Teaching: "French Cinema: Adapting (to) New Technologies

Friday, September 12, 2014 2:00 PM to 3:30 PM
Gibson 211

Cheryl Krueger Presents:

 "French Cinema: Adapting (to) New Technologies "
at the 
Rountable on Foreign Language Teaching and Learning  
September 12, 2014

Gibson 211

Introduction to French Cinema is a course that has always relied on technology for the delivery of basic course material: the films.  In recent years new technologies have become increasingly adaptable to pedagogical goals, and have even helped facilitate creativity and in-person instruction. This discussion focuses on recent course innovations--some of them more successful than others--designed to work in classes of 17 to 70, in French or in English. We will look at several examples of students’ work; consider the pros and cons of experiments in hi-tech, low-tech, semi-flipped, and bilingual classes; and share ideas for meaningful assessment of creative, cooperative course assignments.