FREN 3034: Advanced Oral Expression: Popular Music and Cultural Identities in Contemporary France

Undergraduate Courses

What constitutes a “chanson française?” This course will explore the complexities of this question by interrogating the roots and current trends of popular music in contemporary France with an emphasis on its urgent intersections with language, history, culture, politics, and identity. Class resources will include music videos, live recordings, reviews, interviews, podcasts, radio, television, film clips, and excerpts from online newspaper and magazine articles. Thematic units centered around themes of love and relationships, gender and the body, race and social justice, and composition and community will facilitate student-driven discussion. The aim of this course is to improve oral expression and thus assessment prioritizes speaking. In addition to active participation in class, graded assignments include exploratory homework, collaborative podcasts, two round-table discussions, and a midterm and final that involve group presentations. 

Instructor: D. McGrady
Meeting: T/Thurs, 12:30 - 1:45 pm – New Cabell Hall 349