15 Ph.D students completed the Business French Training Session organized by the Cultural Services of the French Embassy in the US and the UVA Dept of French. Read more...

June 8, 2017

The Cultural Services of the French Embassy in the U.S. in cooperation with the Paris International Chamber of Commerce and the French Department at the University of Virginia have organized a professional training session in Business French for 15 Ph.D. students , in Charlottesville, VA. Advanced PhD candidates and recent graduates from across the country gathered from May 29 to June 2, 2017 for a hands-on training in curriculum and preparation for Business French classes. The course was designed by the Paris International Chamber of Commerce (CCIP) and taught by François Renaud. 

The objectives of the class were as follows: 

- Distinguishing the specificities of FLE (Français Langue Etrangère -  French as a Foreign Language) and FOS (Français Objectif Spécifique - French for Specific Purposes).

- Implementing FOS.

- Elaboration of French for Business framework.

- Designing educational activities using authentic documents.

- Assessing students for French for Business curriculum.

All participants who successfully finish the training will receive a Certificat de formation « Enseigner le Français des Affaires ».


"The UVA Business French training was a great experience. I got to expand my pedagogical skill set and learn about the different programs and support available to teachers of French from the CCIP.
I also got the opportunity to explore UVA and Charlottesville, which was beautiful and a lot of fun. What I appreciated most about the training was getting to work with and learn from my colleagues from across the country in thinking about how we teach French. I look forward to continuing to collaborate with my peers from the training and also exploring and developing new and varied types of French courses.

Thank you so much for this opportunity.” 

– Marion Elizabeth Phillip 

“François and the CCI Paris Île-de-France provided us all with many new perspectives. What I thought was the most fascinating part of the course was to understand new ways of evaluating students, particularly with the "Grille d'évaluation des activités" that he gave to the class and the corresponding activity to evaluate an oral presentation. The greatest part of this class, however, was the positive relationships formed between participants. The group was always motivated, and I feel like I now have made business "connections" from different parts of the country - and the world!

Thank you for offering this to us all. I'm excited to see UVA host future sessions and would love to get involved in organizing when we do.”

– Claire-Marie Brisson 

I enjoyed and benefited from the Workshop in Business French offered by the French Department at University of Virginia. Besides the a nice stay in the city of Charlottesville with its charming architecture, I found the Workshop to be very professional and collegial. I had the chance to develop my professional network and make new connections with advanced doctoral students and new faculty. I gained valuable insight through my exchange with theses academics regarding my job search process coming up next year.

As for the Workshop proper and its content, Mr. Renaud showed much professionalism in developing the lesson plans and activities. The instructional goals very clear and the materials and hands-on activities had reasonable rhythm and pace. This training will definitely equip me with an important skill that was lacking from my professional profile.   

Thanks for your helping organize this workshop and best of luck in your projects. I hope you had a good time in Canada. 

Farzad Salamifar