Fourth Year Ph.D. Candidate Claire-Marie Brisson's Francophone Podcast Attracts Media Attention

December 2, 2019

Fourth Year Ph.D. Candidate Claire-Marie Brisson has attracted attention from various media outlets in Canada and the US for her new online presence. As host of The North American Francophone Podcast, available for streaming on Spotify and Apple Podcasts, Claire-Marie endeavors to share the perspectives, history, and cultures of Francophone peoples in North America to an English-speaking audience.

Claire-Marie has conducted three on-air interviews with Radio-Canada Manitoba, Saskatchewan, and British Columbia, and has been shared widely in two articles published by Radio-Canada News. The Consulate General of Canada in Detroit has also contacted Claire-Marie to discuss how it can provide support for subjects that may cover the Great Lakes region.

Claire-Marie's episodes have explored the first-ever French-language Canadian cookbook, published in 1840, and an episode on Acadian music in Maine is forthcoming in episode three, available Thursday, December 4. She hopes that her other interviews will engage with other Francophone communities in Canada and the US.

You can listen to Claire-Marie's podcast here:

The two articles published (to date) by Radio-Canada are available here: