Oriane Guiziou-Lamour

Doctoral Student

Oriane Guiziou-Lamour is a second-year doctoral candidate as well as the Newcomer Liaison. She studies the relationship between sexuality and power, on its impact on the body, from 18th century French libertine novel (Sade, Boyer d’Argens, Nerciat) to modern and contemporary depictions of sadomasochism in erotic literature written by women (Anne Desclos, Catherine Robbe-Grillet).

Her research focuses on the exploration of the notion of violence in the 18th century libertine novel, through a revaluation of the genre. Libertinism, depicted as an exploration of sexual fantasies, is put in a different light and considered as an inherently violent search of power and domination, ultimately leading to a direct manifestation of violence between individuals: wounds and injuries. She studies 18th century libertinism through an apparent paradox : why do male authors choose a feminine perspective to write erotic pseudo autobiographies ? Through a historical perspective, she examines the evolution of this trope up until contemporary erotic novels, by looking at the way women authors deal with finding a voice of their own in a tradition created by men writing as and impersonating women.

She is a member of the Laboratoire des Imaginaires, a student association located in Rennes (France) which promotes academic research on « cultures of the Imaginary » (science fiction, fantasy, videogames, graphic novels/comic books…) by organizing colloquia and reading events. She helped organize reading events and takes part in the correction process for the colloquia’s scientific articles.

She also is a Research Assistant for the film project Big Mouth, directed by Bremen Donovan and Nomi Dave.


— 2021-2026 : Doctor of Philosophy in French Language and Literature - University of Virginia.
— 2018-2020 : Master of Arts (General and Comparative Literature) - Université Rennes 2.
• Essay : « La blessure, essence du libertinage ? Une étude du roman libertin – Crébillon fils, Boyer d’Argens, Nerciat et Sade ».
— 2015-2017 : Bachelor of Arts (English Language, Literature and Civilization) - Université de Bretagne Occidentale.
— 2014-2015 : Classes Préparatoires aux Grandes Écoles - lycée Chateaubriand (Rennes).

Honours and fellowships

University of Virginia, Charlottesville (Virginia, USA) 2022
Dartmouth College Institute of French Cultural Studies Grant
Funding to attend the five-week 2022 Summer Institute of French Cultural Studies at Dartmouth College.

University of Virginia, Charlottesville (Virginia, USA) 2022
Spring 2022 Travel Grant

University of Virginia, Charlottesville (Virginia, USA) 2021
Graduate School of Arts and Sciences’ Research and Development Fund
Awarded for professional development during dissertation writing.


— « Maruo Suehiro : l’espace du cauchemar dans le manga de l’ero guro », Espaces Imaginés. Actes du colloque, Rennes, Laboratoire des Imaginaires, 2021.


— April 2022, Baltimore (USA) : "Giacomo Casanova : Libertine, Adventurer, Freemason, Magician ?" (ASECS [American Society for Eighteenth Century Studies] 2022, pannel "The Enlightenment and the Shadows of the Occult").

— June 2021, Edmonton (Canada) : « De la métamorphose au cannibalisme: l'horreur pour conjurer l'altérité dans Junior (2011) et Grave (2016) de la réalisatrice Julia Ducournau » (Annual Congress of the Association des professeur.e.s de français des universités et collèges canadiens, workshop on the idea of « abjection »).

— March 2021, Rennes (France) : « Vampyros Lesbos: quand les femmes aiment le sang... Et les femmes - du film Dracula's Daughter (1936) jusqu'à Carmilla (2019) » (symposium Imaginaires du corps et sensualités imaginés, Laboratoire des Imaginaires).

— October 2020, Rennes (France) : « De l'aventurier héroïque au dirigeant tyrannique? L'expérience du pouvoir dans la saga de jeux vidéo Fable [I, II, III] » (study day With Great Power Comes Great Responsibility - L'ambivalence du pouvoir dans les cultures de l'imaginaire, Laboratoire des Imaginaires).

— June 2020, Rennes (France) : « Corps blessé, corps érotique? Le spectacle de la blessure dans le roman libertin » (symposium Représentations, General and Comparative Literature Master’s degree Students Colloqium, Université Rennes 2).

— March 2020, Rennes (France) : « Maruo Suehiro: l'espace du cauchemar dans le manga de l'ero guro » (symposium Espaces Imaginés, Laboratoire des Imaginaires).

Research Interests

— 18th Century Libertine Novel

— French Revolution & The Terror

— Gender Studies

— Erotic Literature (from 16th century to contemporary novels)

— Queer Studies

— Sadomasochism and Literature