MA Program

The Master's degree (usually completed in two academic years) is suitable either as a first professional degree or as a preparation for doctoral work.


Many graduates of our MA program go on to pursue Ph.D.s in French or related fields or law degrees. Several work as teachers or administrators in high schools, colleges and universities; others work in more diverse fields. For instance, our graduates include an editor at the National Gallery of Art, a humanitarian aid worker in the Congo, the French Desk Chief of the United States Military Academy’s Department of Foreign Languages, and a counterterrorism analyst.


Dates for the Comprehensive MA Exam

Written part I: Friday, March 24, 2017

Written part II: Monday, March March 27, 2017

Oral Exam: Friday, April 14, 2017

Reading List for the 2017 MA Exam


Works for the Textual Commentary(2017 Exam)

Jean-Jacques Rousseau. Les Confessions, livres 1-6. 1782.