Prospective Applicants

General Admissions Information

On-line graduate application form
General admissions information

 The Application Packet

Applications must be submitted online by January 15th and must contain the following items:

  1. The online admissions application. Our online application system asks you to identify whether you are applying to the M.A. or Ph.D program.  Please check the M.A. box ONLY if you are interested in the M.A. as a “terminal degree”.  If you currently hold the B.A. degree and are interested in the combined M.A.+ Ph.D., OR if you currently hold an M.A. in French from another institution and would like to pursue doctoral studies at UVa, please check the Ph.D. box on the application.
  2. Two letters of recommendation from persons familiar with the applicant's academic work, preferably in advanced literature or civilization courses.
  3. A writing sample in French, such as an academic paper that gives an indication of the applicant's research interests.  It should reflect the skill level of the author and should not have been systematically corrected by a native speaker or professor.
  4. A personal statement containing information on the applicant's intellectual interests and motivation for undertaking graduate studies in literature and civilization.
  5. Graduate Record Examination (GRE) scores. (Please note that early November may be the final opportunity to take GRE's at a computer-based testing site before the January application deadline).
  6.  TOEFL (Test of English as a Foreign Language) scores are required for applicants who are not native English speakers.

Candidates from abroad should contact the Admissions Office of the Graduate School of Arts & Sciences to request current information regarding any special rules for the admission of foreign students. The present rules require admission of foreign students by April 15 preceding registration. Foreign students should also consider that applying for student visas and presenting financial guarantees may require extra time.
All applicants should notify the Director of Graduate Studies by email (see contact information below) after submitting their application to the Graduate School of Arts & Sciences. Also, since their transcripts may not be complete when they submit their application in December, they should notify the Director of Graduate Studies of any French courses they are taking (or intend to take) during the year in which they apply.

Financial Matters

Tuition and fees for full-time study in the Graduate School of Arts and Sciences
Information about Substantial financial aid

General Requirements for Admission

  1. To be considered for admission, an applicant must have at least a 3.0 both for their general GPA and for their major GPA; grades earned in advanced literature courses and during the final two years of undergraduate study will receive special attention.
  2. The minimum acceptable GRE scores are 500 for the Verbal and 4.5 for the Analytical Writing sections, though the typical mean score for students who are accepted is significantly higher.b
  3. Since our graduate courses presuppose some acquaintance with major texts in French literature and with basic critical vocabulary in French, applicants to the M.A. program must have completed at least five undergraduate courses in French literature or French civilization/cultural studies, while applicants to the Ph.D. program must have completed at least eight graduate courses in French.

 Contact Information

Applicants should first read the information above and then address any questions they have to:  

Amy V. Ogden
Associate Professor and Director of Graduate Studies
Department of French
University of Virginia,
361 New Cabell Hall
Charlottesville, VA 22904
fax: (434) 924-7157