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Ninon Bartz

Doctoral Student

Spring 2023 Student Office Hours

Wednesday 10-11 am and Friday afternoon on Zoom.

Contact Professor for Zoom ID and password:

Ninon has a Bachelor of Arts degree in English literature and history from Strasbourg University in France, a first year of a Master of Arts in Modern French Literature and a Master of Arts in French Literature from Syracuse University. In 2021, she earned a Master of Arts in French Studies at the University of Virginia. Before coming to UVA, she taught French as a Teaching Assistant at Syracuse University. In addition to her studies at UVA, she has presented her work on the New French Extremity at several conferences and has been the primary organizer for the French Film Festival at UVA in 2022 and 2020.

she/her research interests include modern horror films, representations of women and their bodies, lesbian writers/ing and monstrosity. Currently, her research is focused on the lesbian poetic I in the early works of Renée Vivien. In addition to French, she also speaks English and German.