Faculty Service

Faculty Service and University Awards

Academic year 2020-2021

On Leave

  • Cheryl Krueger, Gary Ferguson and Mamadou Dia, AY 2020-2021
  • Claire Lyu, fall 2020

Department Chair and Program Directors 

  • Department Chair:
  • Janet Horne
  • Director of Graduate Studies: Maya Boutaghou
  • Director of Undergraduate Studies: Jennifer Tsien
  • Language Program Director: Karen James
  • French House Director: Rachel Geer
  • Director of UVa Program in Lyon, France: Janet Horne
  • Assessment Coordinator : Amy Ogden
  • Chair of Summer Courses: Cécile Rey
  • Director of Diversity, Equity and Inclusion: Kandioura Dramé
  • Faculty Senator: Ari Blatt
  • Digital Pedagogy Fellow, Spyros Simotas

University Programs

  • Medieval Studies Program, Director: Deborah McGrady

University Fellowships /Awards

  • Ari Blatt: Mellon Faculty Fellow, Institute for the Humanities and Global Cultures, 2020-21 and Mead Endowment Honored Faculty, 2020-2021

University Committees

Appointments made by CAS faculty election)

  • Budget and Development Committee:  Jennifer Tsien
  • Committee on Educational Policy and the Curriculum (CEPC) :  Elizabeth Hall

Other appointments:

  • International Travel Risk Management Committee: Amy Ogden


Graduate Studies Committee

  • Maya Boutaghou (DGS/Chair)
  • Deborah McGrady
  • Claire Lyu  (on leave fall)

Undergraduate Studies Committee

  • Jennifer Tsien (DUP/Chair)
  • Karen James
  • Amy Ogden
  • Gladys Saunders 

Language Program Committee

  • Karen James (Chair)
  • Cécile Rey
  • Elizabeth Hall

Maison Française Planning Committee

  • Rachel Geer (Chair)
  • Jennifer Tsien (DUP)

Course Planning Committee

  • Janet Horne (Chair)
  • Maya Boutaghou (DGS)
  • Jennifer Tsien (DUP)                          
  • Karen James (LPD)

Lecture Committee

  • Philippe Roger (Chair)
  • Maya Boutaghou(DGS)
  • Gladys Saunders

Peer Evaluation Committee

  • Ari Blatt (Chair)
  • Claire Lyu 
  • John Lyons
  • Janet Horne (ex officio)

Assessment Coordination: 

  • Amy Ogden, Coordinator
  • DUP, Jennifer Tsien
  • DGS, Maya Boutaghou
  • Undergraduate and Graduate Studies Committees

First-Year Advisors

  • Ari Blatt (COLA Advisor)
  • John Lyons
  • Kandioura Dramé
  • Gladys Saunders
  • Amy Ogden

Phi Delta Phi Moderator

  • Jennifer Tsien (DUP)

Distinguished Major Program, Thesis Directors

·         Ari Blatt, dir. Zola Price

·         Janet Horne, dir. Madison Smither (or Independent Study)

Departmental Service Assignments of Individual Faculty

Ari Blatt: Peer Evaluation Committee (Chair), COLA Advisor, Faculty Senator

Maya Boutaghou: Director of Graduate Studies (DGS), Graduate Studies Committee, Course Planning Committee, Graduate Program Assessment Coordinator, Lecture Committee

Kandioura Dramé: 1st year Advisor, Creole Coordinator, Director of Diversity, Equity and Inclusion

Gary Ferguson: (On leave, 2020-21)

Rachel Geer: French House Director

Elizabeth Hall: Language Program Committee

Janet Horne: Department Chair, Course Planning Committee (Chair), Peer Evaluation Committee (ex officio)

Karen James: Language Program Director; Course Planning Committee; Undergraduate Studies Committee; Language Program Committee (Chair)

Cheryl Krueger:  (on leave 2020-21)

Alison Levine: (Associate Dean for Arts & Humanities, College of Arts and Sciences)

John Lyons: Peer Evaluation Committee; 1st year Advisor

Claire Lyu: (on leave, fall 2020) Peer Evaluation Committee, Graduate Studies Committee

Deborah McGrady: Graduate Studies Committee

Amy Ogden: Undergraduate Studies Committee; First-year Advisor

Cécile Rey: Language Program Committee

Philippe Roger:  Lecture Committe (Chair)

Gladys Saunders: First-year Advisor; Lecture Committee, Undergraduate Studies Committee

Spyros Simotas: Digital Pedagogy Fellow

Jennifer Tsien:   Director of Undergraduate Studies (DUP); Course Planning Committee; Chair of Undergraduate Studies Committee; Pi Delta Phi Faculty Moderator; Undergraduate Program Assessment Coordination