Courtesy:  Claire-Marie Brisson (PhD Candidate)

"The only thing certain is that nothing is certain."

- Pliny the Elder (as quoted by Montaigne, on the ceiling beams of his home)

Courtesy: Gary Ferguson (Faculty)

Paris Plage

Courtesy: Gary Ferguson (Faculty)

UVa in Lyon

Courtesy: Amanda Selsky (CLAS '17)


Courtesy: Ari Blatt (Faculty)


Courtesy: Anna Robinson (J-Term Paris, 2017)

Place Bellecour, Lyon

Courtesy: Maggie Stein (Staff)

Articles presented at “Stendhal’s Many Lives” colloquium

Published in L’Année stendhalienne (Paris: Honoré Champion, 15, 2016), all four contributions to the colloquium “Stendhal’s Many Lives”, which took place at the University of Virginia on September 19, 2014, were recently published in L’Année stendhalienne (Paris: Honoré Champion, 15, 2016). For the organisation of this colloquium, Antoine Guibal received generous funding from the Institute of the Humanities & Global Cultures and the Department of French at UVA.

Antoine GUIBAL (University of Virginia)
“Avant-propos” (p. 9)


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