Undergraduate Advisory Council

The Undergraduate Advisory Council serves as a liaison between the Director of the Undergraduate Program and students enrolled in French courses. Appointed by the DUP in late spring, the 3-4 Council members may choose to serve for 1 or 2 academic years, beginning in fall.  In 2015, the Council created  'Friends of French Newsletter', a news and events round-up published  by and for students in French every other week during the academic year.

French Undergraduate Advisory Council Members 2017-2018


Devan Keesling (Class 2020) is a third-year, majoring in religious studies and foreign affairs with a minor in French. She studied abroad in Morocco in the summer of 2017, and studied in Paris for the following fall semester; she's studied the French language for 10 years, and has been a Francophile since childhood. When she's not studying, she interns at the International Studies Office and participates in the Religion, Politics, and Conflict Research Initiative. In her free time, Devan enjoys photography and binge-watching Shameless and American Horror Story." 



Sarah Rupert i(class of 2018) majors in International Relations and French, currently living in the Maison Française.

"I lived in Côte d'Ivoire when I was little, and I hope to work in a francophone country after I graduate."

Former Advisory Council Members

French Undergraduate Advisory Council Members - 2016-2017


Sofia Dimick(Class of 2017) double majored in French and Global Development Studies. She participated in the Morocco summer program with Professor Bargach in the summer of 2016.

"I’ve been interested in the French language and French and Francophone culture since a very young age. Becoming a French major has only helped my interest to keep growing as I’ve had the chance to study abroad and really develop a skill in the language!"

Natalie Lohr (Class of 2017) majored in French and Government with a minor in Russian Language. She participated in the Lyon Summer Program with Professor Horne,  in the Summer 2015.

"Foreign languages have always been fascinating to me and are extremely important to my academic life-- I now have nearly 9 years of French and 6 years of Russian under my belt.  My study and engagement with the French language has enriched me so much, from my politics and history courses here at UVA to being able to communicate with different people all over--and I certainly hope that in the following years it is as big a part in my life as it is now!"