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Graduate Study at the EHESS in Paris

The Department of French has a strong relationship with the École des Hautes Études en Sciences Sociales in Paris. We encourage graduate students writing dissertations to take advantage of this relationship by applying to spend a year working under the supervision of EHESS faculty. At the EHESS, UVa students usually audit seminars and attend various events at the École. While the program does not include funding, UVa students often opt to live in Paris during their research fellowship year. The EHESS connection also facilitates processing of student visas at the Consulate in Washington.

Applications are to be submitted by DEC. 1 to the DGS. They should include the following materials:

  • A 1-page letter of motivation that details what you hope to accomplish by working with EHESS Faculty
  • A short letter or email from an EHESS faculty member who has agreed to supervise your work and admit you to their seminar
  • A short letter or email from your UVA faculty advisor approving of your plans to work on your dissertation at the EHESS during the subsequent year

The Graduate Studies Committee will vet applications in December and notify students of their decision by the end of the semester.