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Monique N. Zahui

Doctoral Student

Holds a Bachelor from Florida Atlantic University and two masters, in Science and technology of Communication from the University of Abidjan, Côte D’Ivoire and a master in French from North Carolina State University. Before enrolling in UVA’s French graduate studies program, Monique taught French at North Carolina State University and L’Ecole, à French Language School in North Carolina. Monique is interested in Women from the global south and the diaspora,Immigration, Feminism theory, the Invisible work of women and women representation in littérature, cinéma and media. She is also interested in language and code switching. 

Education : BA, summa cum laude,in  French with Honors Florida Atlantic University (2017)

M.A. in Science and Techniques of Communication (2006)

M.A. with honor in French from North Carolina State University (2023) 

 Awards :   Received an Award of Outstanding Graduate Student in French by North Carolina Department of World Languages and Cultures in April 2023. 

Conferences: Monique presented her first conference on « Gendered Care in Belgium in Chez Jolie Coiffure, a documentary by Rosine Mbakam at The Inaugural Black Research Symposium at North Carolina State University(the inaugural BlackResearch Symposium )