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Please join colleagues from around grounds--and from around the world--for the 48th French Colonial Historical Society annual conference. The Department of French is delighted to be a co-sponsor of what is sure to be a fantastic gathering of scholars.

This year’s conference theme is “The Intimacies of Empire,” which reflects on the ways that the domains of the intimate and relationships of intimacy shaped the workings of colonial power and its consequences across the French empire and Francophone worlds. Contributions will consider the management of sex, race, and reproduction in the domestic arenas of marriage, concubinage, or parenthood, but also explore other relationships and spaces that constituted “domains of the intimate” within the realms of politics, labor, culture, religion, sociability, war, and prison, among others. What are the material forms through which intimacy is created, negotiated, and challenged, with what consequences for resistance and democratic reconstruction after the end of formal empire, and for the scholarly practices and geographies of French colonial and postcolonial studies today?

For more information, see here.