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Abiol Lual Deng, UVA French alum (2005) and South Sudanese-American international relations expert with a dynamic and versatile career in humanitarian policy and government relations on three continents, is currently serving as Global Mentor in a new course on French for Global Development (FREN 3559) being offered this spring by Karen James. Abiol is lending her expertise and experience to the design of new course materials around development and humanitarian aid practices and challenges in Francophone West Africa, including the unique role of French in a multilingual working environment. She is working closely with the class throughout the month of March and continues to share real-world advice with students contemplating careers in international development. We hope this collaboration will lead to future internship and community engagement opportunities for UVA students in Africa and will enrich the education of students who are combining their advanced study of French with preparation for future careers focused on meeting the global challenges of the 21st century.